Friday, November 17, 2006

Say Cheese!!!

Now some people may go overboard with the details and vendors they hire for their wedding. I'm not talking about an expensive florist or baker. I'm talking about the unexpected vendors you may see, like the Elvis impersonator, fireworks display or a vintage Good Humor truck with ice cream. (The last one was an indulgence at my wedding.)

Well, here's a great one that can be a fun favor for guests, great additions to your wedding album or scrapbook, and a creative guestbook format.

You can rent an authentic photobooth from Photo Works Interactive. This nationwide rental service offers vintage '50s models as well as modern booths that can snap the well-known strip of 4 pictures and develop them in seconds.

Wedding Idea - Have a table set up near the booth and ask guests to cut off one of the images and paste them into your guestbook. Have colored pencils on hand so guests can write you well wishes too.


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