Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Thank You Very Much

For every gift you receive during your engagement, you’ll want to send the giver a thank you note. You can purchase notecards at your local stationery store, or order personalized cards that reflect both of your personalities. You can choose something fun or formal.

If you already know what your wedding theme and palette will be, then order thank you notes that reflect the wedding. You can use them throughout your engagement and even into your married life.

Here are a few tips on writing a thank you note:

1 - Express your gratitude for the gift: "Thank you so much for the cappuccino maker." or "Thank you for your generous gift."

2 - Mention how you plan on using the item: "John loves it, and has begun making us cappuccinos after dinner each night." or "We plan on putting it toward our new home."

3 - Mention the future: "We're looking forward to celebrating with you at our wedding."

4 - You must send a note per each gift your receive, so if Aunt Jane sends an engagement, shower and wedding gift, send her 3 notes - one for each gift.

5 - Send thank you notes in a timely manner. Within 2 weeks of receiving an engagement or shower gift, and for your wedding, within 8 weeks from returning from your honeymoon.

The note featured above is one of the many designs available at


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