Monday, April 02, 2007

Lights. Camera. Action!

Having trouble deciding on a videographer? You’re not alone. Memories of an older siblings' tape of Mickey and Minnie dancing across the screen or a huge video and bright light making its way around the dance floor keep many couples from hiring a videographer. But times have changed, and just as the traditional photographer has evolved into a photojournalist, videographers are now videojournalists.

At the New York Weddings magazine event last week I was introduced to Kristen, owner of Bliss* Video Productions based in California. I watched every sample clip on her website, and if you're getting married in LA, San Francisco, or somewhere nearby I suggest you take a look too.

Kristen's choice of music and editing techniques create a unique video reflecting the bride and groom’s personalities, style as well as the look and feel of the day.

Don't shy away from video. Yes, a picture says a thousand words, but there's something wonderful about seeing you and your husband reciting your vows, sharing your first dance and watching the faces of your parents, grandparents and friends.

For myself, I love that I can watch my grandfather smiling and laughing at my wedding and I know my kids will one day enjoy watching their parents on the small screen.


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