Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is There a Way to Liven Things Up as We’re Getting Ready?

Whether you’re getting ready at home, at a salon or in the bridal suite of your ceremony venue the atmosphere can be as calm or as energized as you want it to be.

Bring an iPod and plug it into the speaker system or bring your own to set the mood. You can create a special playlist just for the occasion -- soft and relaxing to create a zen setting or high-volume party tunes to get everyone pumped for your big day. Another idea is to play wedding-themed or love songs because it is, after all, your wedding day.

It’s important that everyone eats and stays hydrated (and sober so stick to non-alcoholic drinks until cocktail hour) so create or order a few things -- bagels and donuts, fruit and crudite, cheese and crackers, etc… from a local deli/market or your caterer.  But eat before you get into your dress -- after you're in your gown stick to water so you don't get any stains on it.


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