Friday, April 20, 2012

For Our Wedding Ceremony, Do We Have to Stand With Our Backs to Our Guests?

Not at all.  There are a variety of seating arrangements available for guests -- circle and square layouts will allow guests to sit in a 360 degree arrangement, though some people would still see your back.
If your ceremony venue doesn’t allow you to reconfigure the chairs ask your officiant if when you get to the altar you can turn to face your guests and his back is to them. If you have a rather large train this may be difficult to maneuver so make sure your bridesmaids can help you.
A crazy idea would be to set up a large screen or two and have a video of the wedding ceremony livestreamed on them so guests can get a shot of you from all angles during the ceremony. But this is more like an award show, conference or sporting event set-up so I don’t know why I’m even suggesting it.
Don’t feel that your guests will think it’s rude to have your back to them.  That is the traditional and expected layout, but a unique front of view option is always welcome.


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