Friday, August 18, 2006

Setting the Tone

An invitation is much more than just informing guests of the logistics - where, when and how to get to the wedding.

Your wedding invitation is the first detail your guests will see as to what type of wedding you are having - formal or informal, beach or ballroom - so it is important to pick an invitation that will convey the feeling, or tone, you and your fiance want to set.

For example, don't send a beach themed invitation if you're getting married in a ballroom and want everyone in a tuxedo and formal gown.

If you're not sure what type of invitation you want - let's face it choosing the right paper, color and motif can be confusing - turn to the professionals at Dauphine Press. You can choose from their existing letterpress wedding stationery or let their designs inspire you, and work with them, to customize your invitation.

Simple elements such as the ink color, motif, typeface, wraps, envelope liners, ribbon and other embellishments can help you personalize your invitation and make it stand out from the “cookie cutter” invites all your friends are mailing out.

Click here to view wedding invitations by Dauphine Press.


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