Monday, September 04, 2006

Signed, Sealed and Calligraphed

Once you've selected the perfect invitation you should choose a calligrapher whose handwriting will compliment the tone of your wedding.

Even though mailing guests a calligraphed invitation is not a wedding requirement, there is something special about receiving a calligraphed envelope in the mail.

The envelope pictured above is a sample from Kathryn Murray, a Los Angeles based calligrapher. Her handwriting can vary from a very formal script to a whimsical font ensuring that your envelopes match the tone of your wedding. And unlike a florist or band, you can hire a calligrapher who doesn't live in your neighborhood. You can mail her your envelopes and once calligraphed she'll mail them back to you. I suggest using a mail service with a tracking system - FedEx, UPS, DHL.

And calligraphy doesn't have to be limited to just the outer envelope. You can have your calligrapher write out names for place cards, seating cards, menu cards, table numbers, favor tags and any other stationery element in your wedding.

Wedding Tip - Give your calligrapher a complete typed list of names, addresses and zip codes. Many calligraphers will not accept handwritten lists because they may not be able to read your handwriting.


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