Friday, September 15, 2006

Where are you registered?

The more people you tell of your engagement the more you are going to be asked about a registry. Now some couples will say they don't like asking for gifts, but you are not asking for gifts. You are going to get gifts whether you like it or not, and by creating a registry your guests will get you what you want. Without a registry as a guide you risk the chance of getting items you don't want, need and worst of all, can't return.

Registry Tips - Set up a registry with at least two retailers, giving your guests some options. Look for stores with online registries, so guests can easily shop and ship from the comfort of their home.

Why two stores? The reason is simple: one store may not offer you everything you need and want. Some stores carry everyday dishes, glassware and appliances, while others only carry fine china, crystal and silverware. There are also specialty stores, selling items specific to your favorite hobby or sport that have nothing to do with linens, china or crystal, and you may want to include one of those.

You need to list items at a variety of price points and styles, because even though your guests are buying you items that you want, they will only buy items they can afford, and that they like too.

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