Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Classical or Modern Tastes

I love wedding cakes. Not only do they taste delicious but they can also be sculpted into anything you want.

The traditional white wedding cake has evolved over the last decade. Couples can work with a baker to design cakes in a variety of shapes, colors and flavors. Even the decor of the cake can range from swags and bows to flowers and fruits to stripes and dots. My wedding cake was lavender and decorated with "silver" stars and crescent moons, reflecting our theme.

When you meet with a baker, bring color swatches and other inspirational elements that reflect the wedding palette and theme. These details will help inspire the final design for your cake.

The modern cake featured above is from Cakes To Remember, located outside Boston. Owner Ellen Bartlett has a wide range of styles and can create a more traditional or modern look depending on what you want. The gallery of cakes on the companies website showcases her range.

Wedding Tip - Remember to bring your fiancé and parents with you to meet with the baker. Everyone loves tasting cakes and helping find the right flavors and fillings. Meeting with our baker was the only meeting my dad attended throughout our 20 month engagement.


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