Monday, March 05, 2007

Foot Long, I Mean, High

Over the past week I've been introduced to some fabulous florists. So I thought I'd write three posts with flower planning tips, and introduce you to some of the talented people I've met.

Tip #1: When deciding on what type of centerpiece you want, think about how high the arrangement should be.

Your guests should be able to talk to each other from across the table without something obstructing their view of the person sitting across from them.

To get an idea of how high an arrangement should be, place your elbow on a table and make a fist. The centerpiece should not be higher than the height of your fist - about 1 foot.

The arrangement pictured here is by Mary Lois at Loop Event Arts and Interiors in San Francisco. As you can see the tables are long, decorated with lush centerpieces placed every 2-3 feet down the table. The greenery and lanterns placed above are a great way to cover beams or unattractive ceilings.


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