Monday, March 12, 2007

Word For Word

When choosing your invitation take into consideration the formality of your wedding as well as your color palette and theme. There are a number of ways you can express to your guests the feeling you want for your big day.

Tip #1: The wording you choose is very important. The text will convey whether the wedding is formal or casual. For example a wedding invite that reads: "The honor of your presence" invokes a formal feel, especially when accompanied with "black tie or black tie optional" at the bottom.

A casual or less formal wedding invite may read: "request the pleasure of your company" or "share in the celebration".

You may even decide to write something about festive attire, such as "Beach Chic" if your wedding will be on or near a beach.

The invitation pictured here is by Robin Beth Designs. Robin's specialty is crafting beautiful invites out of decorative papers from Japan, India and Italy. Each design is handcrafted, letterpress and made from 100% cotton paper.


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