Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding Day Hairstyles: Using Flowers

Thinking of wearing a flower in your hair? Here are some tips to ensure that your wedding day ‘do is picture perfect:

1. Tear photos of hairstyles with flowers that you like out of magazines and print out images you find online to show your hairstylist what you want.

2.  Schedule a trial to see if the style  you want looks right and make sure to use the same flower that you plan on using at your wedding.

3. Don’t forget to take photos of the final ‘do you decide on so the day of the wedding there is no question as to what your hairstylist should be doing. Remember to get photos from every angle: right, left, front and back

4. Determine if you are going to use a real flower or a silk flower and who is supplying it: You, your stylist or the florist.

5. If you are choosing a delicate flower, like a gardenia, ask your stylist to stick around to replace it after family portraits and the ceremony so you have a fresh bloom in your hair for the reception.

6. Don't just buy one bloom for your wedding day. Buy or order several just to be safe.


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