Monday, June 08, 2009

Save-the-Date Card Basics

The idea of a theme and color palette is to help you tie all of the details of your wedding together, but you may not finalize your wedding's theme and palette until the final months before the wedding.

While your wedding invitation suite should reflect the theme, colors and style of your wedding, your save-the-date card doesn't have to. And if you don't know your wedding's theme, colors and style at the time you are selecting and mailing your save-the-date cards then don't stress about it.

Talk to your stationer or search stationery sites for a save-the-date card that reflects your personalities, and you can include some of the style you've already decided on for the wedding. For example, if you've booked a reception site by the beach you can have a beach feeling - icons, colors - or if you know that your wedding will have a modern or vintage feel, look for cards that reflect that in the font and design.

Save-the-date cards can be as creative and fun or as formal and to the point as you want them to be. So keep an open mind and go with something that you love because it feels like you and your groom.

The vinatege-inspired save-the-date card pictured above is from Minna Designs, a fabulous stationery company I recently learned about. You have to click through their portfolio. Their designs are quite unique and stunning. Here are some of my favorites:


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