Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Honeymoons: Finding the Ideal Locations.

I was talking to Vane from Brooklyn Bride this evening and we both realized that we both went to three destinations during our honeymoons.

Dave and I went to London, Paris and Cannes while Vane and Chad went to London, Paris and Amsterdam.

If you and your groom are having trouble finding the perfect destination for your honeymoon, why not split it up and each pick a location - geographically not too far apart - and split the trip between the two locations!

This way you can have the vacation you want and he can have the one he wants.  For example, I like to be busy and run around while Dave likes to relax by the pool.  So for the first 5 days we ran around London and Paris and then spent 3 days relaxing in the South France.

Both of us were very happy with the trip.


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