Thursday, June 16, 2011

We’re Having a Formal Wedding Reception. Is It Okay to Serve Beer?

Yes, you can serve beer at your cocktail hour and wedding reception but you may want to serve it in glasses and not bottles. There’s something about people walking around in tuxes and evening gowns holding bottles of Corona (or any other brand) that I think is tacky.

Simply ask the caterer to serve beer in glasses. There shouldn’t be an extra charge for this.

If your reception site is planning on serving beer in glasses, but via a keg, that’s fine but I’d keep the keg out of site behind the bar if your wedding is more black tie than backyard.

Karen from Grapevine, a stationery company based in Boston, designed really cool labels for beer bottles that read “I Do Brew” and the couple slapped them on beer bottles -- they owned a brewery -- so serving bottles of beer felt right even at their formal affair. If your venue is set on serving bottles of beer than think about customizing a label. It will add another personal touch to your big day.


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