Friday, October 07, 2011

I Fell in Love with a Shoe and Want to Use it as Inspiration for Our Wedding but Everyone Thinks I’m Nuts. Am I?

Not at all! Wedding inspiration can come from anywhere -- art, a movie, a piece of fabric, a building and even a shoe.

Don’t let people turn you away from the place you are drawing inspiration from. When you show the shoe to vendors, mom, your fiance and bridesmaids make sure to explain what it is about the shoe that attracts you to it.

Is it the color(s)? Specific detailing or embellishment? Is it the overall style? And what do you see that inspiration developing into? The wedding's color palette? A trimming on some wedding details? Are you planning on wearing the shoe on your wedding day?

It’s important that you articulate what you’re getting from your inspiration, whatever that inspiration may be, so that your vendors can see your vision and bring it to life on your big day.


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