Thursday, November 17, 2011

I’m Worried That No Matter How Careful I Plan Our Wedding Something Might Ruin Our Big Day? What Can I Do to Make Sure It’s Perfect?

You sound like you’ll be looking for things to go wrong when on your wedding day you should just enjoy the day and let others worry about any mishaps. Ask your location manager to handle all inquires from vendors and guests. Or hire a wedding planner to work with you starting a month before so she knows all the details, players and can handle anything that may come up.

While you can plan for everything you can think of, somethings are out of your control -- the weather, a medical emergency relating to a vendor, traffic.

I would suggest that the day of the wedding you put all the responsibilities in the hands of others and try to enjoy each moment because before you know it the day will be over and you’ll be off on your honeymoon.

If you spend your wedding day looking for problems, that’s all you see. When you return from your honeymoon get together with the bridal party or the point person you chose and find out what, if anything, went wrong. You may be surprised to learn nothing happened or you’ll get a good laugh at what did.


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