Friday, November 18, 2011

Should We Be the Last Ones to Leave the Reception Or Should We Leave Early and Have a Getaway Moment?

I understand the idea of staying till the last moment but it’s kind of sad being the last people in the ballroom when the lights are on, the band is packing up and the tables are bare.

A getaway moment is a great photo-op and a lot of fun to walk through -- your family and friends cheering you on to your married life together.

Talk to your reception venue about creating a getaway near the end of the wedding, but not so near the end where you’ll see the vendors cleaning up.

Choose a festive getaway prop -- sparklers, confetti, flags -- and have them arranged near the exit area. Tell your band leader or DJ what you’re planning and they’ll coordinate the best time for you to make your exit and notify guests to head for the doorway.


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