Monday, December 05, 2011

I Thought It’d Be Fun to Wear a Color Other Than Pink On My Nails But My Manicurist Is Advising Against It. What Do You Think?

I always say do what you want but I would definitely listen to advice from experts, such as your manicurist. A neutral color -- whether pale pink or an ivory -- may be best for a few reasons.

First, a dark color will look like black in black and white photographs and you don’t want to have black nails in your photographs. They’ll look weird next to your white or ivory dress. You can ask your photographer’s advice too.

Second, I wouldn’t suggest choosing a “wild” nail color as it would distract from your dress.

Painting your toenails a bright color may be a better idea because they won’t be seen as much, if at all, and then you have them for your honeymoon.


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