Friday, December 09, 2011

My Friend Hated the Bouquet Her Florist Made for Her, How Can I Avoid a Similar Situation?

Don’t be afraid to dictate to your florist exactly what you want. You can show her photos of the flowers you definitely want and don’t want as well as photos of styles you like and don’t like.

When you meet with your florist to see centerpiece samples ask for them to provide bouquet and bout samples too. A floral sample is similar to a tasting with your caterer. You get to see exactly what you’ll get on your wedding day.

If you feel that the sample is good then make sure that you and the florist take a photo and write down the names of the flowers used. Remember that flowers are seasonal, so if your preview is months before your wedding the flowers may not be available on your wedding day or may cost money to fly them in from another region.

On your wedding day make sure you see the bouquet before the florist and her team leave your venue so if you aren’t happy they can fix whatever is bothering you.


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