Friday, July 28, 2006

The Dress

You wedding dress is the most important piece of clothing you will ever buy. It will probably the most expensive piece you buy too.

Think about it. Of all the clothes you own, it is the only dress you will only wear once. You will be photographed in this dress so many times - formal portraits, family pictures and candid moments with your guests - and these images will line the walls of your house.

When selecting your wedding dress have an open mind. Remember that buying a wedding dress is not like buying any other garment. A wedding dress looks much different on a hanger than it will on you, so try on everything the sales consultant shows you.

Start flipping through wedding magazines and wed-sites and pull/print out images of every dress you like, whether it's the style, color, lace, beading - whatever it is, bring it with you to show the consultant at the dress shop.

You may go in thinking you want a sexy, fitted sheath, and wind up falling in love with a tulle ballgown.

The dress pictured above was designed by Monique Lhuillier. Click here for the Monique Lhuillier national trunk show schedule.


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