Sunday, July 23, 2006

Spreading the News

After saying "I will" there are the usual phone calls telling mom, dad, siblings, and close friends the exciting news. But how do you spread the word to extended family and friends?

Sending a save-the-date card will let guests know that you're engaged AND where & when the wedding will be.

Traditionally, save-the-date cards were sent out when a couple was planning a destination wedding, or sent to guests who had to travel to the wedding location. Today, you can send a save-the-date card to anyone, as long as you're planning on inviting them to the wedding.

When selecting a save-the-date card remember that you can be as creative as you want to be. Your local stationery store will have custom cards you can order, as well as ones you can buy off the shelf.

The card pictured above was designed by Iomoi, an online stationery store with a variety of designs for you to choose from.


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