Sunday, July 16, 2006

I Dream of Cake

My favorite part of planning a wedding is selecting the wedding cake. Planning the design of your cake is just as important as making sure it tastes good.

Shinmin Li, owner of I Dream of Cake in San Francisco, will work with you to design the perfect cake to compliment the look and feel of your wedding, as well as your reception menu.

Not sure what you want your cake to look like? No problem. You can view a portfolio of cakes, or bring her your inspiration and she'll create a masterpiece for you.

Wedding Tip: Once you set the date and book your reception location, make an appointment with a local baker. Even though the cake won't be assembled till the week of your wedding, it takes months to prepare the final design. You don't have to finalize the design and flavor of your cake at the time you leave a deposit, but by reserving the date early you'll know that your cake will be designed by the baker you want.


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