Saturday, October 21, 2006

Smarty Pants!

Remember that as you are getting your hair and make-up done the morning of the wedding, your photographer will be running around snapping pictures of you and your 'maids. I know you want to look just as good in those pictures as the ones he'll take later, when you're in your gown and a tiara is placed on you perfectly coiffed head.

Smarty Pants owner, and recent bride, Jennifer Titton has the perfect thing - a sweat suit embroidered with "Soon to be Mrs. ... " or your monogram or anything else you can think of on the back. You can also have a set made for your honeymoon with "Just Married" embroidered on the jacket or bottoms. With several colors to choose from, your Smarty Pants suit can match the palette of the wedding.

Wedding Tip - Remember to wear a zippered or button-down top while you're getting ready. You don't want to have to pull a tee shirt over your head and ruin your hair and make-up, nor do you want to have to find a scissor and have your shirt cut off of you.


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