Friday, October 13, 2006

Maid to Order

I was just asked to be a bridesmaid. I have been a maid-of-honor and a bridesmaid before, but this is the first time I will have no say over what dress my friend will choose for me and the other 'maids.

So I suggested she visit Bella Bridesmaid, a chain of bridesmaid salons that carry beautiful and stylish gowns. There are seven salons across the country including: Boston, Charleston, Atlanta, Nashville, Houston, San Diego and San Francisco. With bridesmaids living in every state, having the same store to shop in makes the dress search a little easier.

Here are some bridesmaid dress shopping tips. Elissa, I hope you’re reading this:

1 - If your ‘maids are all different shapes and sizes, pick the dress fabric and color, but let each girl pick the silhouette. Some may prefer a higher neckline or a looser fit.

2 - Once you’ve selected your bridesmaid dresses, make sure all deposits are paid and the correct measurements are given with each order. The store may not order any of the dresses until all deposits and measurements are in.

3 - If your ‘maids are choosing their own dress, give them some guidelines as to the shade of color, degree of formality and length. Variety and personal expression are great, visual chaos is less so.

Bella Bridesmaid carries Simple Silhouettes, Melissa Sweet, Jenny Yoo, Kathlin Argiro, Currie Bonner, Charsa, Miracle and Zora, as well as jewelry and shoe lines to compliment the look you choose.


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