Monday, October 09, 2006

Shower Her with Gifts

You may notice that every now and then I like to feature a shower or bachlorette party item. Bridal showers are one of my favorite parts of being engaged, but a bride cannot plan her own shower. She can hint at things, but the details are usually decided by her mother, sister and 'maids.

So if your friends are planning a bridal shower, you must checkout invitations by Felix Doolittle, and forward them the link. (By the way, his wedding invitations and thank you notes are fabulous too.)

I love this watercolor image of umbrellas leaning against a door. It is simple and elegant.

An umbrella is a popular motif for a bridal shower. Some hosts rent a "shower umbrella" from party stores, but I tend to advise against that. These white lace party accents tend to look more like gray than white. Look for a new umbrella with a ruffle if you must have one at the party, and make it another shower gift.


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