Thursday, July 31, 2008

Saving Up for Your Honeymoon

I think I told you that we moved recently. While we were packing we found a lot of change. So much change that we filled quite a few Tupperware containers. We took the containers to our local Duane Reade and tossed all of it into one of those machines that tallies your change up for you, for a fee of 8 cents per dollar.

We could have gone to the bank for free, but then we would have had to separate each coin by denomination and wrap them into paper rolls.

Anyway, we couldn't believe it, but we had over $100 in change! I think after the store took their cut, we walked away with $94. That paid for groceries, some dry cleaning and dinner that night. Why am I telling you all of this? Well, I found this Honeymoon Fund container on this new shopping site, Love, Me. The site has great accessory and gift items for weddings and baby.

This $27.50 jar is a great place to keep all of your spare change. If you start collecting it right after you're engaged you may have well over $100 for your honeymoon! Now I realize that this is not going to pay for all of your honeymoon, but it might cover a few meals, a spa treatment or give you just enough to splurge on an upgrade.


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