Tuesday, July 29, 2008

20 Fun Bridal Shower Games

My sister emailed me that one of her clients is planning a bridal shower and needs some ideas for games. I have a list of 5 games that I usually recommend, but I just got an email from a reader about a list 20 games for bridal showers and I thought I’d share the link with you.

I’m always partial to doing something that involves your guests: Stump the bride with trivia about the groom or weddings in general, the newlywed game with the groom (either in person or on video) and a poem – candy, candles or cleaning products. The poems you can easily divide among the bridesmaids.

Remember when planning a shower keep your guests in mind. Games are not mandatory, but you should have some form of entertainment. I’ve heard of a mother of the groom hiring a stripper for the shower, but I'd save that for the bachelorette party.

And when it comes to presents, if there are more than 20 gifts to unwrap, create an assembly line with the help of all the bridesmaids. Here are the assignments: unwrap gifts and hand to bride, open boxes if necessary (remember the bride can’t cut anything), re-pack gifts after bride sees/shows them, write down who gave what, garbage collection and ribbon bouquet or hat maker. (I’m partial to the bouquet.)

There’s a debate as to whether the bride should unwrap her gifts, but if you’re dealing with two dozen or more, I think the bridesmaids should unwrap them. Otherwise you’ll be there for hours.


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