Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh So Beautiful Paper

While browsing wedding blogs yesterday for the weekly Wed-site Roundup on, I came across a stationery blog that’s really fabulous. Oh So Beautiful Paper is filled with daily posts on everything from personal stationery to invitations to seating cards and any and everything else writer and ephemera fan Nole can find.

I’m also a huge paper fanatic and have shoeboxes filled with beautiful stationery and cards I’ve collected over the years that I’m afraid to use because they're so pretty I hate to let 'em go.

Browsing Oh So Beautiful Paper is so much fun for paper lovers as well as brides looking for inspiration.

It was very hard to pick an image from the site to run with this post, but the one I finally picked is from a post written last week. The post features the stationery details Nole created for a recent wedding. The reason I pulled this one is because I thought I’d add a wedding planning tip to this post, so here goes:

If there are a certain number of guest – close family members and friends - who you’d like to ensure have a front row – or second or third row – seat at your ceremony make cards that read “reserved” so other guests know not to sit there. But to ensure that these VIPs take their seats, let them know either in their invitation or over the phone or via email that there are a number of reserved seats put aside especially for them. You can also ask a member of your bridal party to stand near these reserved rows to make sure no one sits there by mistake.


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