Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vintage Glam: The Blog

Our wedding was inspired by both our love of the 1934 movie It Happened One Night – specifically the movie poster – and my grandparents’ weddings from 1945 and 1952. Therefore, the wedding had a lot of retro details – matchbooks, small lamps on each table, dance cards, etc…

I just learned about a blog dedicated to all things vintage and I have to say it’s really fabulous.

Vintage Glam is filled with everything vintage: cake toppers, art deco jewelry, great retro venues, wedding dresses and any and everything else you can think of. Today’s post was on art deco fonts!

When I got engaged (2001) and married (2003) there weren’t any blogs to turn to for ideas so I had to sift through old pictures at my grandparents’ houses, I bought vintage matchbooks and stirrers on eBay ($60) and flipped through a myriad of books that reflected the styles of the time period I was trying to recreate. (Do I sound like an old lady – "When I was your age we didn’t have…")

Anyway, take advantage of blogs, Web sites as well as things offline to help inspire you. Remember to print out or copy any and everything you like and put it in your wedding organizer so you can show your vendors your vision. And you know what else: make your own inspiration board – either with Photoshop or the old-fashioned way: oak tag and glue – to help pull all of your ideas together.

And remember to have fun doing it!


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