Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sex & the City 2: Spoiler Alert

I'm not the biggest SATC fan but I'v seen all the shows and the first film and I am looking forward to the sequel but more because I can't wait to see the wedding of Stanford and Anthony.

After seeing the wedding cake I just new this was going to be some amazing wedding with unbelievable attention to detail.  From the trailer and the few stills I've seen here's what I'm assuming we'll see on the big screen:

  • Carrie acts as Stanford's best woman and wears a classic black tux
  • Stanford wears a white tux and bow tie "like a virgin," his words not mine, and Anthony wears a black tux
  • The rest of the bridal party include's Charlotte's daughter Lily as flower girl and about 12 men in white tuxes
  • Liza Minelli performs at the wedding

A friend went to a press screening and if I can get her to dish I'll share more details.

Photo:  via Gawker


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