Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When to Schedule Parent Dances

I stopped by Bloomingdale’s on the way home to hear Vera Wang speak on her 20th anniversary and ran into a DJ, Jason Fioto from Generation Events in New York City.  We originally met at another Bloomingdale’s event a few months back where I politely asked him to turn the music down because I was having trouble chatting with Jessica from Judy Paulen Designs in the next booth.
Anyway, since I hadn’t written my post for today I asked Jason to give me one of his top wedding music tips.  Here it is:
“Save the parent dances till after the main course. That way the first dance, which takes place at the beginning of the reception, is all about the bride and groom.”
And Jason also gave me his thoughts on tipping so I’m adding an update to my recent post on tipping vendors.


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