Thursday, January 06, 2011

Getting Married in LA, Live in NY: Where to Buy Your Wedding Dress

A colleague who lives in New York but is getting married in Los Angeles asked me if she should buy her wedding dress in the city she lives in or the city she is getting married in.

She's going home in a few weeks and her mom has scheduled appointments at some local bridal salons and she scheduled appointments at several New York bridal salons.  In order to decide where she should buy her wedding dress she has to ask herself the following:

Will it be easier to have her fittings done in New York or is it possible that in the final three months before her wedding she can fly across the country at least 3 times to attend her dress fitting?

And if she does get her wedding dress in New York, how will she get it to Los Angeles for the wedding?  Should she take it on the plane or ship it?  And when she gets to California who can press it for her?

I told her that until she knows what type of dress she wants she really can't make a decision.  She might need multiple fittings which will be difficult if the dress is in California and if the dress is a bulky and ornate ball gown it may be to difficult to transport on a plane.

If you, have to transport your wedding dress either via a shipping service or on a plane make sure to tell the company that it is your wedding dress.  Flight attendants may be willing to make extra room if there's a seat or row of seats vacant on the flight.  And look into insurance for the dress, especially if you're shipping it.  9 times out of 10 your package will get to its destination on time but if it doesn't or arrives damaged you'll want to get your money back.


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