Friday, June 01, 2007

Moving Announcement

I've been writing this blog for almost a year, and I absolutely love it. It's so much fun to find great items and help brides plan their weddings, so when I was offered the job to produce the new Weddings site at iVillage I was thrilled.

But I didn't want to have to give up my blog. So, starting this Friday, June 1st, "From 'I Will' to 'I Do'" is moving to a new address:

I'm very excited because the blog will now be daily!

The new Weddings site will be filled with great advice from wedding experts across the country as well as quizzes and some of the coolest planning tools to make planning easier and fun.

Vendors are welcome to continue e-mailing me their information, because I'll be looking for content for the blog as well as stories for the new site.

If anyone has a wedding planning question, you can post them at the Ask the Bridal Expert message board, and I'll e-mail you an answer within a few days of your post.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Engaging Images

This is probably the only time in your life where you will hire a photographer to take pictures of you. While there's no question that you will love your wedding pictures, it'd be nice to have some great shots of the two of you together in a less formal setting.

Talk to your photographer about scheduling an engagement portrait session. Some photographers include one in their wedding packages and others may offer a discounted rate because you hired them for the wedding.

Scheduling time to capture special moments between you and your fiance is great for three reasons:
1 - fabulous pictures for your home, holiday card, parents and grandparents
2 - you'll have a great photo for the engagement or wedding announcement in your local paper
3 - both of you will become more comfortable with your photographer and in front of the camera

You should not hire a photographer, or videographer, if you aren't comfortable with him or her. Of all the vendors you hire, the photographer and videographer will be in your face, literally giving you instructions on how and where to stand, on your wedding day. If you're not comfortable working with who you've hired it may show in your wedding pictures.

Talk to you photographer about scheduling an engagement portrait and what his or her costs are. And if you are still meeting with photographers, ask them if they’ll include a portrait, or portrait session in the package you buy.

The picture above was one of the many beautiful moments captured by Los Angles based photographers, Lindsey Hinderer & April Killingsworth at Sweet Monday Photography. Their wedding package includes a complimentary engagement session. To see more of their work, checkout their blog.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Numero Uno

Some couples decide to personalize their reception tables by selecting words, places or anything they can think of. While it's great to be creative, if you have a long guest list it can be difficult for people to find their seats if tables aren't numbered.

Think about it. If there are a lot of tables, numbers help guests find their seat because the room is divided into even and odd numbers. If someone is searching for the "romance" or "Paris" table it will be more difficult to find because the table could really be anywhere in the room. And lets face it, you don't have time to handout a map to guide them.

If you want to expand on your theme then use numbers and display them in creative ways - calligraphed or printed in an interesting font, print them on colored/themed papers, or find an interesting material to use.

The metal numbers pictured above are from Gauge Inc. They can easily stand on a tables and would be great for a wedding with a modern or art deco theme. The company also makes metal letters and monogrammed cake toppers that you can save as a wedding momento.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Reel Weddings

I love wedding movies. They're great for ideas - you may find a dress, cake, flowers, shoes or even a hairstyle you like for your wedding. I know someone who chose their wedding song based on a song played during the reception scene in Father of the Bride. In fact I spoke with a planner this week who gets hired to find wedding crashers to actual crash real weddings.

A new film, License to Wed is premiering this summer. It stars Robin Williams and Mandy Moore. The film opens July 4th, and you should check it out for inspiration as well as good time. Remember to take a break from planning and spend non-wedding time with your fiance.

The film is holding a sweepstakes for two tickets to the premiere, and two nights accommodations at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, $1000 cash and transportation too.

The contest ends on May 31st, so enter today because this could be a pre-wedding honeymoon vacation!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I went to the Stationery Show this week and finally saw one on my favorite kid brands - Eeboo.

I looked through their line to find gift ideas for a flower girl and came across these candy themed notecards.

I loved having a penpal as a kid, and think it's important to get kids writing - not just texting. There are several designs including butterflies and animals. But I'm partial to the Sweet design, because I have something of a sweet tooth.

Monday, May 21, 2007

In the Bag

Because I didn't bring a camera, I have to wait for friends to send their pics from the wedding in Barbados. So in the meantime I thought I'd write about other fun wedding things.

Finding the perfect gift for your bridesmaids is always a tough task. You want to buy something that they'll like and use for years to come.

Stephanie Johnson designs fabulous travel bags for cosmetic and toiletries. Whether or not your girls will have to travel to and from your wedding, they will love these stylish accessories for future trips.

The collection above is the Soho pattern and comes in a myriad of sizes. There are dozens of patterns and bags to choose from so you can pick the right one for each 'maid's personality and needs.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Destination Wedding: Setting the Scene

I am still getting used to being back in New York. We had the best time at the wedding in Barbados. The next few posts will be about the destination wedding I just attended. I didn't bring a camera (I need to buy one), so I'm waiting for our friends' pictures to get e-mailed to me.

The wedding took place on an estate the couple rented, and they let the environment around them help set the scene.

For the ceremony guests sat in the center of a manicured lawn, surrounded by palm trees, feet from the shore.

To help guests cool off before the wedding, bamboo fans were placed on each chair. A tag with the couple's names and wedding date were attached to the handle with ribbon. These were great for both cooling off and as a shade to protect my shoulders from a sunburn.

Since the wedding took place in the late afternoon, the bride rented chandeliers that were placed in the tents and over the yard for lighting. The ceremony area was used for dancing and relaxing after dinner.

Depending on what gets sent to me tomorrow, I'll write about some of the other wedding details or parties that took place over the long weekend.

Thanks to Sanford and Adrienne for this photo.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

First Class

So I'm off to Barbados for a destination wedding. My husband is a groomsman, and we've been looking forward to this wedding/mini-vacation for almost a year. No computers and cell phones allowed.

I picked up the PB Travel First Class Travel Package and plan on taking it with me for the flight. The set comes with a blanket, pillowcase and eye mask.

The comfy blanket ensures that I'll be warm and the pillowcase will give me an extra layer of protection from an unsanitary pillow. (The person who used it last might have been a drooler.)

PB Travel makes a variety of travel items that you should think about picking up for your honeymoon. Their products come in great colors and are an inexpensive treat that you're sure to use for many years.

As for the wedding, I'll post pictures and blog about the details next week. Enjoy the weekend, and don't forget to wish mom a Happy Mother's Day.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bar Fly

Planning a wedding in Los Angeles? Stop by The Bridal Bar for vendor recommendations and ideas. With DVDs and portfolios to flip through, you're sure to find everyone you'll need for the big day, including: photographer, baker, videographer, make-up artist, caterer, stationer and florist.

If you don't plan on getting hitched in LA, you can still get inspired by The Bridal Bar. Add the Bridal Bar Blog to your list of favorite sites and get great ideas for your big day.

Monday, May 07, 2007

The Handwriting on the Card

If you're looking for a less formal feel for your wedding you should call Rebecca at Bluebird Studios. Her one-of-a-kind whimsical style is perfect for a casual affair. I think it would be great for an oudoor, rustic setting.

Rebecca can calligraph your invitation envelopes, place cards, seating cards or any other part of your stationery wardrobe that can be personalized with hand lettering.

Bluebird Studios has been featured on Daily Candy, in Brides' Reception magazine and a myriad of other websites, blogs and magazines.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Indie Bride

I recieved an e-mail from the writer of Indie Fixx earlier this week. She put together a list of great items for a summer wedding.

Products on the list include custom engagement and wedding rings, interesting wedding day details, invitations and registry recommendations. I highly recommend you check it out.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

People Who Need Style

We've all been there. Shopping for bridesmaid dresses is not every girl's favorite task. The fear that the bride will choose the ugliest one, that she swears you'll be able to wear again, is a familiar feeling.
People magazines website,, wants to know what your ugliest bridesmaid dress looks like. You can upload images of your dress - crop or blur your face so you don't embarrass yourself - and post a description of what you really think of it. You can also comment on other ugly bridesmaid dresses, maybe you'll find that your wasn't so bad after all.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Accidents Happen

It's very likely that you will need some sort of toiletry item the day of your wedding. Maybe your hem will come loose, or your nail will brake, or maybe you need a tissue to dry your eyes.

Whatever you need, it's important to have a bridal emergency kit with you the day of the wedding. You don't want to be running to CVS, or have your mom, groom or bridesmaid running out for you. To save time, and calm nerves, it's better to be prepared.

Just in Case Gift Kits come with everything you could need (toiletry wise) for your wedding. From lip balm to breath mints and antacids to band-aids, this $65 item could be your lifesaver.

And the best thing about the kit is that if you don't need or use the items on your wedding day, you can use them afterwards - either take some in your toiletry bag on your honeymoon or bring them home.

The company also sells kits for the groom and bridesmaids.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Something New

We're all familiar with the weddings collection at J. Crew - beautiful bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses at unbelievable prices.

Ann Taylor has picked up on the trend of affordable and stylish wedding attire and the line, Celebrations, looks great.

This simple, yet elegant, gown featured here is only $600! The bridesmaid dresses are priced at below $200, and you can also find matching shoes and accessories on the website.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

At the Push of a Button

If you are thinking of creating your own wedding invites, but worried that you don't have the design skills, checkout Uniquity Invitations.

The company has has over 20 templates you can purchase for $79 and once you own the design you can alter the colors, font and layout.

Each design is unique and there are invites for specific themes as well as traditional designs.

The company's website also features an "ideas" pages, where you can get ideas on how to accessorize your invite with ribbon, paper, sparkles and envelopes.

Monday, April 23, 2007


I was cleaning out my basement and I came across my wedding countdown clock. I got it as a gift from my old boss.

I started the countdown the December before my June wedding and I loved watching the clock. At first it was sad to see that my wedding was over 100 days away, but once we got to the final 30, then 20, then 10 days away, you couldn't wipe that smile off my face.

You can pick this novelty item up at a variety of stores, or you can order it from Countdown Clocks.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Have a Seat

Arranging the seating chart is exciting and nerve wracking. Exciting because it means your wedding is only a few weeks, or even days away, and nerve wracking because it's always hard to seat guests when you're dealing with difficult family dynamics and odd numbers of people.

The traditional round table seats anywhere from 8 to 12 people. If you want to create an interesting look for your wedding reception you may opt for square tables where you have 2, 3 or 4 people on each side, depending on the dimensions of the table.

For a banquet style, you can use long rectangular tables that fit any where from 4 on each side, and one person at each end, or you can put several tables together creating a long table with 40-50 or more at one big table. If you do decide on this look, remember that guests should be able to get in and out effortlessly so they can easily get to the bathroom or dance floor.

Talk to your location manager and/or florist about linens for square or rectangular tables because you may have to rent the table AND the tablecloths.

The beautiful, long table, featured above was photographed by Tempting Weddings Photography based in California. You can visit their site to check out their beautiful work, or visit their blog, which features albums of real weddings they've shot. You'll get a great idea of how Ken & Teresa shoot weddings. The images in each “album” they post include: getting ready, formal portraits, the ceremony, reception and the details.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Wedding Salon - New York

The Wedding Salon, the country's only luxury bridal show, is coming back to New York next week for their 4th anniversary.

Filled with only the top vendors in the tri-state area, The Wedding Salon is unlike other bridal shows becasue you will get to see a variety of tablescapes including linens, china, food, flowers and menu and seating cards. You get to taste hors’dourves, sip cocktails, wedidng cakes and view photographer's books, wedding videos, stationery elements and fabulous honeymoon destinations.
Held at Gotham Hall (Broadway at 36th Street) on Monday, April 23rd from 4-9pm. Admission for 2, including a phenomenal goody-bag, costs $150, but listen to this podcast from the Wedding Podcast Network and find out how you can win a FREE pair. Just by visiting the site you can get a coupon for discounted tickets - 50% off!!!

I'll be at the show. Hope to see you there!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Handwriting on the Envelope

You've probably heard before that your invitation will be the first impression your guests will have of your wedding. And though that is true, the envelope it arrives in will be seen before the actual invite.

There are several ways for you to personalize and style your envelopes. Choosing a colored envelope and a themed stamp are two options, but the calligraphy you select can make a huge statement.

The handwriting can be filled with flourishes, fun and whimsical or reflect a very relaxed and casual style. You can also select an ink color to compliment your wedding's color palette.

Laura Hooper's Calligraphy, featured here, offers brides over 2 dozen penmanship styles to choose from. In addition to envelopes, Laura can also design custom maps and monograms, as well as write table numbers and guests’ names on place and seating cards.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Wed TV

This weekend WE, the network that airs Bridezillas, is premiering their latest wedding show, Get Married.

Unlike most wedding shows, Get Married will help you plan your wedding. Each episode features interviews with industry experts including, event designer David Tutera, wedding gown designer Angel Sanchez and other prominent figures in the industry.

In addition to the TV show, there's a companion site where brides-to-be can find vendors in their area and interactive tools such as a calendar, budget manager and guest list tracker.

The show premieres this Sunday, April 15th at 9:30am.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I was recently asked for the name of a photo booth rental company in my area, and by coincidence I came across this one based in Seattle, but available across the country.

Usnaps is a digital photo booth you can have at your wedding so guests can snap shots of themselves. Once a picture is taken, the digital image is previewed on the machine so party goers can check the photo out.

Unlike traditional booths where pictures are printed in minutes, Usnaps' images are are uploaded to a website within 24 hours of the event, so everyone can see them and order what they like for their own scrapbooks.

Monday, April 09, 2007

It's Easy to be Green

Many couples want to select elements for their wedding that are environmentally friendly but just don't know where to look.

Emily Anderson, a former colleague of mine from Martha Stewart Living, has just published Eco-Chic Weddings, a comprehensive guide to planning a stylish and environmentally friendly wedding.

The book is filled with great tips on how you can incorporate "green" elements into your wedding, including stationery, fashion, flowers and transportation ideas. With a detailed list of resources at the end of each chapter, you can easily find vendors and products to make sure your wedding is not only beautiful but responsible too.

Friday, April 06, 2007

What Not To Wear

I get a lot of questions on the iVillage Ask the Bridal Expert message board about attire. And not about what the bridal party should wear, but how to make sure the guests wear appropriate clothes.

My answer is pretty simple. If you want all the men in tuxedos and women evening gowns then have "black tie" or "formal attire" printed on the lower corner of your invitation. If you want your guests to be formal but don't need to have everyone in a tux then print "black tie optional." If you're not sure attire wording will fit on the invite, talk to your stationer about layouts and other options. I had a separate card inserted to the invite that read "Dinner and dancing to follow formal attire"

Your guests will know how to dress themselves, and of all the details you need to tend to, worrying about their wardrobe should not be one of them. There are certain attire rules that most, if not all, people follow:

Saturday (or Sunday) night - after 6pm - formal/black tie attire
Daytime weddings - suits for men and cocktail dresses for women

If you're concerned about a handful of guests you can either tell them, or have someone else tell them, what's appropriate, or just let them come and don't think about it. A guest that is dressed inappropriately will be more embarrassed for himself or herself and you probably won't notice because you'll be too busy enjoying the day.

The invite pictured above is from Anna Bella Stationery. They have a great selection of invitation sets and reception card pieces that can match every palette and theme, and their prices are extremely reasonable. For paper inspiration, check out their blog, Paper-Peep.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake

If you live in the Philadelphia area and still looking for the perfect wedding cake, (or just want to enjoy some), purchase tickets for the Let Them Eat Cake event benefitting the City of Hope.

On April 17th, at The Park Hyatt Philadelphia at The Bellevue, baker will compete against baker in a competition to find the best wedding cake design in town.

Contestants include wedding cake designers, pastry students and restaurant & hotel chefs.

To both enjoy delicious cakes and get inspired for your own wedding purchase tickets for $25 in advance, or $30 at the door. Proceeds from tickets sales go to City of Hope Cancer Center.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Lights. Camera. Action!

Having trouble deciding on a videographer? You’re not alone. Memories of an older siblings' tape of Mickey and Minnie dancing across the screen or a huge video and bright light making its way around the dance floor keep many couples from hiring a videographer. But times have changed, and just as the traditional photographer has evolved into a photojournalist, videographers are now videojournalists.

At the New York Weddings magazine event last week I was introduced to Kristen, owner of Bliss* Video Productions based in California. I watched every sample clip on her website, and if you're getting married in LA, San Francisco, or somewhere nearby I suggest you take a look too.

Kristen's choice of music and editing techniques create a unique video reflecting the bride and groom’s personalities, style as well as the look and feel of the day.

Don't shy away from video. Yes, a picture says a thousand words, but there's something wonderful about seeing you and your husband reciting your vows, sharing your first dance and watching the faces of your parents, grandparents and friends.

For myself, I love that I can watch my grandfather smiling and laughing at my wedding and I know my kids will one day enjoy watching their parents on the small screen.

Friday, March 30, 2007


I love reading blogs. Whether they're about weddings, home, entertaining, shopping or food, there are a few blogs that I must read every day.

Some of my favorites are the blogs on the Sugar Network, ncluding fashion (FabSugar), food (YumSugar), health (FitSugar) and a few other topics covering celebs, gadgets and advice.

Starting this week, each blog on the network is posting daily items on wedding planning. This week is all about getting engaged and the beginning steps of planning your wedding. The posts will continue through the spring, giving brides advice on everything from shopping for a dress, vendor recommendations and great advice for getting shape for the big day.

Here's the link to their Get Ready to Shop for your Wedding Day post focusing on the dress.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How Sweet It Is

You know how much I love the wedding cake, and when I came across the site for the Cakegirls, I just had to share their beautiful designs with you.

Located in Chicago, baking duo and sisters Brenda and Mary, can create anything from the classic tiered bridal cake to a themed groom's cake. Send your bridesmaids to Cakegirls and have them order one of their signature purse cakes for your shower.

Wedding Tip - Having a cake tasting is just as important as having a tasting with your caterer. Bring your fiance and your parents with you - who would turn down free cake - and have everyone put in their two cents. Make sure you try different combinations of cake flavors and fillings. Tell your baker what your menu will be and have him or her help you find the right dessert to compliment it.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Seattle's Best

If you're planning a wedding in the Seattle area, or just looking for great advice and inspiration, look no further than Junebug Weddings.

Four fabulous photographers have come together to create an online destination for Pacific Northwest brides. Filled with fabulous vendor pics, advice for your groom and a great place in general to get the answers to your most pressing wedding planning questions - they even have a special fashion section to keep brides up to date on the latest trends.

Check out their blog, What Junebug Loves for up to date wedding trends, ideas and local vendor information.

Friday, March 23, 2007

It's Easy Being Green

I received the May issue of Body + Soul magazine today and they had a very interesting article on "green" hotels. Many brides, and the media, have picked up on eco-friendly weddings - recycled paper invites, organic food. Why not carry the eco-theme to the honeymoon?

With style, comfort and the environment in mind, hotels have been cropping up all over with interesting takes on how they can help save Mother Earth.

Hotel Green by Vanessa Noel, featured here, is located in Nantucket and uses energy-efficient light bulbs, all-natural organic flax bed linens, organic hemp towels, organic milk-based paint and chemical free cleaning supplies.

At the Orchard Garden Hotel in San Francisco the room key controls everything from lighting to air conditioning. Remove the card when you leave the room and the power automatically shuts off.

A few big chains are also getting on the green bandwagon - Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Kimpton Hotels, Ritz-Carlton and ALOFT by Starwood Resorts are all pitching in to help Mother Earth.

Even if you don't have a completely green wedding wedidng think about adding at least one eco element. Every little bit helps.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

If You Can Make It Here

If you live or are planning on getting married in the New York Metro area, then I highly recommend picking up a copy of New York magazine's Wedding Issue.

In addition to great ideas, the resource directory in the back is filled with the best vendors in the area, and in every category - bridal salons, florists, photographers, stationers, calligraphers - you name it, they've got it.

Next Wednesday, March 28th, from 5 to 9pm, the magazine is hosting a bridal event, the New York magazine Wedding Showcase, at the Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues. Tickets are $35 per person, or $50 for two, and can be purchased in advance, by clicking here. Or you can pay $45 at the door. All ticket holders will receive a goody bag filled with fun items.

The vendors at the event include some of New York's best: Ron Ben-Israel (Ron made my cake), Kathi Littwin (a favorite photographer of mine), Michelle Rago (an amazing florist and she has a beautiful new book out) and Mark Ingram (the most fabulous person in the industry).

I plan on stopping by to see what's hot for New York City weddings this year, and I suggest you take a look too.

Hope to see you there.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sweet Tooth

I love writing about wedding cakes. It’s my favorite detail of the day. You can create anything you want, a tiered white tower, stacked squares in any color, cupcakes or order a cake in an interesting shape.

Before you hire a baker, make sure you look through their portfolio. It's very important to hire someone you feel can create what you're envisioning.

For example, a baker who only works with buttercream will create a cake that will look different from a similar design made with fondant. Ask to see samples of not just their work, but pictures of cakes similar to what you are looking for in style, color, shape and overall design. So if you want red roses on your cake, make sure you see an example of a cake decorated with roses.

If you're not sure what you want, bring inspiration with you - pictures of the location, flowers, your dress (hide that one from your fiance), and other pictures that are inspiring you as you finalize the details for the wedding. Your baker should be able to help you design a beautiful and delicious cake that will compliment the other details.

The cake featured above was designed by The Sugar Syndicate in Chicago. These bakers can create anything from a classic bride's cake to a funky themed groom's cake and adorable cupcakes.

Friday, March 16, 2007

What's For Dinner?

Tip #3: Your rehearsal dinner invite should be fun and not as formal as your wedding invitation.

For example, if you're having a BBQ, then pick something with a grill image. For dinner on the beach select design with a starfish, seahorse or wave pattern.

Traditionally, the groom's parents pay/host the rehearsal dinner, but anyone can. Whoever is hosting the party should be listed on the invite, either at the top or in the RSVP section. (Just write RSVP: Susan Smith and a phone number.)

The invitations featured here are from Bumble Ink. I think their designs are quirky and a lot fun. They also have a selection of bridal shower invites you should tell your bridesmaids to checkout.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Many brides wonder how they can incorporate their wedding theme into their details. All of the items in your stationery wardrobe should include elements of your theme and palette.

Tip #2: After you've selected your invitation, ask your stationer if there are additional items available in that design. Some invitation books include options for your program, place and seating cards as well as favor tags and thank you cards.

The place cards pictured above are from Lucky Paperie, and a great example of having your invite design on other wedding day details.

This fabulous stationery store in Pasadena, California carries some of my favorite lines, including Snow & Graham, Hello Lucky! and Egg Press. In addition to wedding invitations, Lucky Paperie carries announcments, custom stationery and wedding favors.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Word For Word

When choosing your invitation take into consideration the formality of your wedding as well as your color palette and theme. There are a number of ways you can express to your guests the feeling you want for your big day.

Tip #1: The wording you choose is very important. The text will convey whether the wedding is formal or casual. For example a wedding invite that reads: "The honor of your presence" invokes a formal feel, especially when accompanied with "black tie or black tie optional" at the bottom.

A casual or less formal wedding invite may read: "request the pleasure of your company" or "share in the celebration".

You may even decide to write something about festive attire, such as "Beach Chic" if your wedding will be on or near a beach.

The invitation pictured here is by Robin Beth Designs. Robin's specialty is crafting beautiful invites out of decorative papers from Japan, India and Italy. Each design is handcrafted, letterpress and made from 100% cotton paper.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Pretty Posies

Your parents are considered part of the bridal party, especially if they are part of the processional. You can have both of your parents give you away, or an usher or groomsmen can escort mom to her seat.

Your bridesmaids will be carrying bouquets, even the flower girl will carry a basket of petals. Give the moms blooms to carry too.

The traditional style for mom is the corsage - just like the kind you wore to your prom. A corsage comes in two styles: pinned and wristlet. The pinned kind will make a permanent hole in your mom's beautiful gown, and the wristlet can be itchy and get in the way when eating and dancing.

Tip #3: I recommend having a small bouquet, or posy, made for both moms. The flowers should be made up of the same color and blooms that are in your bouquet and the bridesmaids, and should match dad's or her escort's boutonniere.

The posies featured here were designed by Botanicals based in Chicago.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


You want your bouquet to look as if each bloom was just picked from a garden.

Tip #2: Ask your florist to have a container with water available for your bouquet, so it is not lying in a box, but standing upright and getting water from the moment it arrives. You can place your bouquet in this vessel if you are not planning on holding it during all of your photographs, as well as after the ceremony.

If you are planning on preserving your bouquet, the blooms will stay fresher and look better if they are not lying flat on one side.

The bouquet pictured here was designed by Southern Bouquets in Atlanta.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Foot Long, I Mean, High

Over the past week I've been introduced to some fabulous florists. So I thought I'd write three posts with flower planning tips, and introduce you to some of the talented people I've met.

Tip #1: When deciding on what type of centerpiece you want, think about how high the arrangement should be.

Your guests should be able to talk to each other from across the table without something obstructing their view of the person sitting across from them.

To get an idea of how high an arrangement should be, place your elbow on a table and make a fist. The centerpiece should not be higher than the height of your fist - about 1 foot.

The arrangement pictured here is by Mary Lois at Loop Event Arts and Interiors in San Francisco. As you can see the tables are long, decorated with lush centerpieces placed every 2-3 feet down the table. The greenery and lanterns placed above are a great way to cover beams or unattractive ceilings.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Pocket Book

Smythson of Bond Street makes the most fabulous leather notebooks, and each book has a subject. There's one for shopping, restaurants and of course, weddings.

The Wedding Planner book has several tabs so you can keep track of invitations, the dress, service, reception, guests and gifts, flowers and more, going away and honeymoon.

At $75 it is quite an expensive gift you can give yourself, or someone can get you, but for a little bit more you can have it personalized with your name and or wedding date. Either way it makes a great wedding keepsake, and ensures that you'll always have your wedding ideas at your fingertips.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Travel Size

Whether you're planning on relaxing on a beach or climbing every mountain during your honeymoon, you'll still have to worry about small loads of laundry.

Make sure you have everything you need to clean your lacy delicates, sexy swim suits, and stain removers for red wine, fab food or anything else that may spill on your clothes.

The Laundress has a complete line of detergents and fabric care formulas to make sure your trousseau is picture perfect for the whole trip. They also carry garment and shoe bags so you can protect your clothes and accessories while on the plane.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Leave Your Mark

Many couples want to put their personal stamp on their wedding. And since a wedding should be personalized, you should leave your mark anywhere you wish.

If you're not sure what your mark will be, checkout the digital monograms at Bliss! Weddings Market. You can choose from contemporary, romantic and designs with symbols as seen above.

Whichever design you select, you can place it on your invitation, favors, programs or anything else you can imagine. Click here to watch their CD favor how-to video.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Wash This Way

I hate the idea of a toiletry basket in the bathroom at a wedding. There is no reason a bride and groom need to supply a mini-drugstore for guests. All of the items usually included - tissues, nail files, hairspray, mints, and sewing kits - are a complete waste of money. Your guests arrive with their hair in place, hems all sewed up and if they need a band-aid, your location will have a first aid kit.

Instead of leaving a basket of items that will go unused, or end up going home with guests as an extra favor, place something that they can really use in the bathroom...hand soap.

Vasey and Me sells boxes of one-time use soaps displayed in a stylish box. 40 individually “soap chips” are placed in a white, brown or black case adorned with a coordinating ribbon.

Each chip is sized at 2" x 1" by 1/8 " thick, hand cut, made with natural ingredients and hand wrapped. The wrapping can be personalized with your names, wedding date, monogram, quote. You can also select a specific scent, including: white grapefruit, cinnamon orange, mango butter, lavender oatmeal and milk, almond & honey.

The box is sized at 8" x 5" x 5" and can be placed next to a sink, or you can have the chips placed in plates or bowls if your counter space is limited.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Some couples are choosing cupcakes over the traditional wedding cake. If you're in the Seattle area you must visit Trophy Cupcakes on North 45th Street. This new cupcake bakery bakes the most adorable cupcakes for your wedding, shower or any other event you're hosting - wedding related or not.

You can choose from a variety of flavors and colors, as well as custom detailing including monograms, icons and photographic images to personalize your desserts.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Pretty Papers

I received an e-mail about Abby Jean last week. As you can see from the image above, the designs are beautiful. The colors, fonts, icons and borders are traditional but with a modern twist.

Remember your invitation is the first element guests will see of the wedding. While your save-the-date is sent out months before, it doesn't have to match the theme and style of the wedding, because the details won't be finalized until the final months of planning.

You want your invitation to represent the tone or feeling of the big day. If you're getting married on the beach and want a relaxed day with casual attire, then your invitation should reflect that. If you expect everyone to show up in ballgowns and tuxedos, then your invitation should be traditional/formal in its design.

Looking for ideas for a theme and palette? Check out Abby's blog, Style Me Pretty, for great ideas and details for your wedding.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Everyday is Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the one-day that everyone feels they must express their love. But the truth is, you should tell him you love him everyday, and he should tell you that he loves you everyday too.

That doesn't mean you should expect a bouquet of red roses and a Hallmark card every morning, but planning a wedding is very stressful and you should plan to spend non-wedding quality time together.

Schedule a date night, or morning or afternoon, and plan something fun you can do together.

And if you are expecting a bouquet more than just once a year, send him the link for bouquets of the month from Red Envelope.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Again & Again

No matter what you tell your bridesmaids, they will probably never wear their bridesmaid dress again. If this bit of truth is making you feel a bit guilty, visit J. Crew's bridesmaid shop online.

Their collection includes dresses for a ballroom or the beach, or something in between, and there are a rainbow of colors to choose from.

Prices are reasonable too, but before you make a purchase, ask if you will receive a 10% discount if you open up a J. Crew account.

Friday, February 09, 2007

As Cute as a Button

I just love Jane Jenni's line of buttons, plates, mugs and magnets. Unfortunately, the blushing bride pattern, pictured here, is only available as a button.

Not sure what you'd do with it? Well, you could wear it to the rehearsal dinner, or forward this post your bridesmaids and they could pin it on you at your shower or bachelorette party.

It’s so much fun being a bride, isn’t it? There are so many fun items made just for you!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


You're probably expecting your best man and maid-of-honor to make a speech at the wedding. And why shouldn't you? Toasting the bride and groom is part of their job description. But some people, no matter how close they are to you, don't know what to say.

There are several companies that will help write the perfect speech, and give the toaster tips on how to speak in front of a crowd. Here's a list of some companies you can refer your best man and maid-of-honor to:

Instant Wedding Toasts
The Perfect Toast
Ultimate Speeches

Wedding Tip - It's common for the newlyweds to give a short speech at their wedding. Sometimes the groom will thank everyone and toast his new bride, or the couple can both toast their parents and thank them for their love and support.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Newport Weddings

Catherine Abbate's Wedding Room is the source for planning a wedding in Newport, RI, or along the Narragansett Bay.

Planning a destination wedding is very different than planning a wedding in your hometown. If you're not familiar with the local area, you definitely need to hire an expert who can steer you towards the right vendors.

The Wedding Room offers brides and grooms a chance to view portfolios of talented vendors in the Newport area. For a nominal fee, you can meet with Catherine, or one of her experienced associates, to create a planning timeline and learn about vendors who can create the perfect day for you, within your budget.


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