Monday, December 15, 2008

Talking in Code

There are all sorts of acronyms and phrases that have been created over the last few years:
  • MOB for Mother of the Bride
  • Bridezilla and Momzilla for detailed oriented and sometimes mean brides and MOBs
  • OOT for out of town bags – though I still call them guest room gifts
This weekend I was talking to a friend and she told me that her cousin is having doubts about her upcoming wedding/marriage and doesn’t want to be a flee-ance. That’s right. A flee-ance. I don’t know if that’s the spelling but I had never heard this one before.

A flee-ance is a woman (or a man) who either cancels the wedding or leaves his/her fiancé at the altar.

After learning of this new word, I had to know if you’ve come across any other acronyms or new wedding-related terminology. I’d love to hear them!


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