Friday, October 30, 2009

British Planner Mark Niemierko's #1 Tip

On the first day of bridal market I met Mark Niemierko, London's top wedding planner. Mark and I discussed the dresses coming down the runway and I taped his review of market for the tweeter feed, @brides, but I also asked Mark for his top tip for brides that I could share with my From "I Will" to "I Do" readers. Here's what he had to say:

"I think my top tip to a Bride and Groom planning their wedding is to enjoy the planning process as much as the day itself. Remember it's also your engagement period - A time you'll never have again once married! Focus on the main factors of your wedding early on such as booking your venue, selecting the key vendors and then working on the details as you get through. Once your venue is booked for example a lot more comes into place, and then you can really start thinking about the details such as place settings, floral bouquets and so on." —Mark Niemierko

You can learn more about Mark and the weddings he has designed on his Web site,, and don't forget to follow him on his twitter feed, @MarkNiemierko.

Photo Credit: The Satoralist


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I totally agree and I tell my recently engaged friends the exact same thing - go for a longer engagement and enjoy it - you will only be engaged for this brief phase of your life. That is why we decided on a 16 month engagement and I am so glad we did. I am able to truly enjoy the planning process and not feel stressed as I tackle a few things and DIY projects each month. It's heavenly.

Wedding photographer said...

Interesting to read through your blog - and thanks for reminding me that it is time to get back to London and catch up with Mark


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