Friday, October 16, 2009

In Honor of Bridal Market: A Wedding Dress Tip

Trains are gorgeous but they don’t look so good with people’s shoe prints on them. Before your ceremony ask one of your bridesmaids to carry your train for you if you can’t hold it up yourself. If you are taking formal portraits before the wedding you’ll want to make sure that your train is clean so while you’re walking around and when you’re not posing keep it lifted.

To prevent wrinkles pack a mini-steamer in your emergency kit to steam out any creases that were created during your pre-wedding photo session. Remember that during the ceremony you will have your back to your guests and you want to hear sniffles at the romance of the moment, not chuckles at the big black shoe print someone left in the middle of your train.

Once the ceremony is over, and before cocktails begin, have your train bustled. You should have brought a friend or relative with you to one of your final fittings to learn how your train should be bustled. And please don’t have this be your mom. She shouldn’t have to get on her knees and wrinkle her dress.


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