Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weddings and the World Series

The playoffs are on and that means the World Series is just around the corner. When I got engaged my dad said you can choose any date except weekends in October. Why? Because if the Yankees were in the World Series he’d have a conflict.

Now I don’t think my dad would actually skip the wedding for tickets to the game, but I do think that he would have had a pocket radio in his jacket to listen in. If there was a TV at the bar he would have been at the bar, along with many other guests I’m sure.

Many years ago my parents went to a wedding on Labor Day weekend and while there was no major sporting event scheduled, a perfect game was taking place on the Yankees’ pitching mound. My dad called me several times for updates – he also spent time in the car tuning in. He told me most of the men at the wedding were doing the same thing.

Now while Jamie couldn’t have forseen the possibility of a perfect game – which fell apart in the 9th – you can forsee a possible World Series in the future of your home team.

If you’re not baseball fans, maybe you’re hockey or basketball fans and the same tip applies: Try not to book your wedding during a time frame when your immediate families and most important invited guests may not be able to make it. This also applies to major holidays.


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