Monday, February 08, 2010

How Will You Know It's the Right Dress? You Just Will.

I had coffee with a newly engaged friend this evening and she was telling me all about her wedding plans. They got engaged in early December and the wedding will be Labor Day Weekend 2010.

She's found most of her vendors but her search for the perfect dress continues. She has been to several salons and tried on a variety of styles but the two that she likes - similar in style but there's a big price difference - aren't wowing her, but she likes the way she looks in them.

Since her wedding is in early September I recommended, and so did the salons, that she place her order by early March to avoid rush charges. However, I also told her that she shouldn't settle on a dress.

It's hard to explain but you'll just know when the dress is right. It's instinctual. You won't want to take it off. You won't want to try on other dresses.

I explained this to my friend and gave her names of other salons to make appointments at.

Shopping for your wedding dress is a highly emotional and expensive purchase, don't settle on any dress, it's okay to take your time even if you end up paying rush charges. A few hundred dollars in a rush charge is better than spending a thousand dollars or more on a dress you don't love.


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