Monday, February 02, 2009

How Not to Be a Bridezilla - Part I

After seeing Bride Wars and a few episodes of Bridezillas lately, I had to write a post on how not to become (the dreaded) bridezilla. If you follow these tips you should avoid being labeled one during your engagement.

1 – Organization. Having everything organized will prevent a bride from freaking out when she can’t find something. It’s also a good to leave all the pertinent wedding details – wedding vendors and their contact info – in a convenient place for the groom to find, in case you need something and he’s home.

2 – Delegate. Just because you’re the bride doesn’t mean you have to do everything. Take friends and relatives up on their offers to help you plan and trust that your vendors know what they’re doing.

3 – Avoid stress. Join a gym, take up yoga or go for long walks. Do whatever you need to do to release pent up stress. Getting a workout on a regular basis will not only make you feel better, but it’ll help you et in shape for the big day.

4 – Guiding your groom. Don’t assume that your fiancĂ© knows what the traditional groom’s responsibilities are. After the initial excitement has passes – about a week or so – sit down with your groom and discuss what both of you envision for the wedding, what your budget will be and who will be in charge of what.

Check back tomorrow for some more tips on how not to be a bridezilla.


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