Friday, February 06, 2009

Random Wedding Planning Tip

A bride recently asked me if it was okay to include her rehearsal dinner and RSVP in her wedding invitation. Her concern was that it’s not acceptable.

In this bride’s situation – which I happen to know is a destination wedding – it is perfectly acceptable to include a variety of wedding-related information in the invitation: welcome party, local activity info, rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch, etc… It’s also okay to have one RSVP card where your guests can let you know which events they will and won’t be able to attend.

If your wedding is local you can still include rehearsal dinner information in the invite, however you have to make sure that you include the details in the right invitations. For weddings in your hometown you don’t have to invite every wedding guest to the rehearsal dinner - only members of your immediate families, the bridal party (and their spouses) and those few guests from out of town.

It may be easier because of the limited guest list to email the rehearsal dinner invitees an online invitation from or Or you can simply call them and invite each person/couple/family over the phone.


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