Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tips For a Romantic Valentine’s Day…on a Budget

While planning your wedding you’re probably looking for ways to save money on non-wedding items to ensure that your wedding budget stays at the estimate you and your fiancé agreed to. You may have decided to skip holiday presents and your anniversary this year, but there’s no reason why you have to skip Valentine’s Day too. There are plenty of ways that you can save money and still have a romantic V-Day.

With February 14th falling on a Saturday this year many restaurants may already be booked with reservations – and that’s good for you! Why not plan a nice romantic dinner at home. Pick a menu of some of your favorite dishes and cook the meal together, or surprise him with his favorites. The bottle of wine you buy at the local liquor store will be just as good and a lot less expensive than the one you order at a restaurant.

Instead of spending $5-10 on a card, make him one. You can find lots of graphics online and use your computer make him a valentine. Or if you consider yourself a pretty good crafter, go to your local craft store and design a valentine with red or pink paper and glitter.

I don’t recall a great romantic movie out in theatres right now – and I don’t think your fiancé will love the idea of going to Shopaholic with you, even if it is Valentine’s Day. Instead, browse Netflix together and place an order for a movie you both always wanted to see. It can be a romantic film, a thriller even something you’ve seen a million times. Whatever you choose, it’s guaranteed to be less than a ticket to the movies!

As for gifts, you have to agree with him ahead of time if you are or aren’t doing V-Day gifts this year. It will not be a good scene if only one of you gets the other a gift. So be upfront with him and tell him if you expect a gift or not and then keep within a budget – decide how much you can each spend on a present.

You could also celebrate on another day. Since I have to work on Saturday at the Brides.com Empire State Building Wedding Event, I’ve already told Dave that I want to go to sleep as soon as I get home that evening. And since Monday is President’s Day, and we’re off work, we’ve decided to go dinner on Sunday night if I’m not still exhausted or brunch Monday morning. I’m sure either of these times will be less expensive than a “special menu” on Saturday, February 14th.

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


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