Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Bridal Magazine Ads are Worth Looking At

I’ve been flipping thru the latest issues of several bridal magazines and tearing out pages that I’m inspired by for my inspiration folder. After reviewing the tear sheets I pulled, I noticed that I tore out pages that were advertisements as well as editorial.

Wedding magazines are filled with images of wedding dresses and if you’re still shopping for your wedding dress – or bridesmaid dresses – the ads are a great place to look for ideas.

There’s always the chance that you’ll come across the dress, but you may find a silhouette, bodice, detail or accent in an image of a dress that will help you on your search to find your wedding dress.

Remember to take all the images you’ve gathered – from magazines and Web site print outs – with you to your bridal salon appointment to show the salesperson what you like. She’ll pull dresses that reflect the images you’ve shown her. But keep an open mind. A wedding dress looks different on the body than it does on a hanger so take a chance and try on something you may not think will work for you. Because hey, you never know.


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