Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Budget Bride's Guide

With brides and grooms looking to cut costs on their wedding it’s no surprise that they are looking online and off for budget-friendly ways to create the perfect day for less.

There are a lot of ways to save money on your wedding, including the following ideas:
  • Don’t have a cash bar, simply limit your bar to a signature drink or a red and white wine

  • Have a brunch or luncheon reception instead of a formal dinner

  • Combine elements: favor and program, seating cards and favor, menu and place card

  • Don’t forget your bridesmaids: Allow them to choose their own dresses, but remember to tell them the color and style you want them to wear

The popular fashion site, The Budget Fashionista, has just launched a special Budget Wedding Guide filled with fashion-related advice for brides, moms and other members of the wedding, including guests. Click here to find great advice on how to find an inexpensive yet stylish wedding dress, an affordable mother-of-the-bride dress as well as DIY wedding detail/decor tips.

And here’s my #1 budget tip for your wedding: Once you finalize your wedding budget add 10% to it. You add the extra 10% so that when you go over your budget, which you probably will, you won’t be too upset.


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