Monday, May 18, 2009

Personalized Stamps

The cost of stamps has just gone up to 44 cents. You don’t want to mail out 100 invitations only to have them come back to you with a return to sender stamp on it. The cost of new envelopes, re-printing or re-calligraphing the envelopes and buying new stamps will out weigh the cost of the stamps you should have added in the first mailing.

To avoid making a postage error make sure you take one complete invitation set – all inserts included – to the post office and have the clerk weigh and tell you the correct postage. Then put it in the mail, sending it to yourself so you will know for sure that the postage is correct.

But what about finding the perfect stamp?

There is a wedding ring stamp available at the new rate, and I like the King and Queen of Hearts stamp. But if you can’t find stamps online or at your local post office that match your wedding theme and/or palette, you can create a custom stamp. allows you to create a custom stamp with your wedding logo, a photo or almost anything else you can think of. The stamps featured above were designed by XYZ Ink, a Los Angeles based calligrapher. Talk to your calligrapher or stationery designer about creating an image that will match your wedding theme and colors.


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