Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fashion Before Function

Did you ever notice at a wedding that the men usually remove their jackets and the women – usually in strapless or sleeveless dresses – are wearing them?

Why don’t we bring a wrap with us to keep us warm?

At a wedding we attended in California a year or so ago, the bride had a supply of pashminas - in a rainbow of colors - available in baskets for women to take as they arrived in case they forgot their wraps at home.

At beach weddings, some couples will supply flip-flops for their guests if the ceremony is on a beach so they can easily get to their seats. I actually attended a beach ceremony where foot “baths” were available afterwards so we could rinse the sand off our feet. And yes towels were also available.

There are a few tips in this post:

If you’re attending an upcoming wedding, remember to bring a wrap to keep yourself warm.  And if you’re a bride, think about your wedding’s setting and if there’s something simple you can do to help your guests feel comfortable.


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