Thursday, May 07, 2009

Expecting 'Maids

My mom once told me the story of a friend of hers who was very upset that one of her bridesmaids announced her pregnancy a few months before the wedding. Now this wedding took place in the ‘70s but I hear several stories every year of brides who worry that a pregnant bridesmaid may cause new issues to arise: Finding a maternity bridesmaid dress that fits in with the other bridesmaid dresses, what if the pregnant 'maid has the baby early or needs to go on bed rest and can no longer walk down the aisle or even attend the wedding.

Last month, at eight months pregnant, I was having trouble finding an affordable maternity dress to wear to a black tie wedding. The weekend before the wedding coincided with bridal market week and I had the luck to visit the Alfred Angelo showroom the Thursday before the wedding.

As we were previewing the new wedding dress and bridesmaid line my eye fell on a navy dress that looked like it might be perfect for a pregnant bridesmaid. After trying on the dress the designer let me borrow it for the weekend and it was perfect.

If you have a pregnant bridesmaid ask the store or designer where you are getting your bridesmaid dresses what your maternity dress options are.  Since most women won’t be able to guess how they will carry or what their body will look like a few months down the road you may want to suggest a dress that drapes or doesn’t cling to the body.

Do not make a pregnant 'maid feel bad or if she has "ruined" your wedding by getting pregnant before your wedding. This is a very exciting time in your life and hers, and since your bridesmaids are your closest friends and relatives be happy for your friend and include her in every aspect of planning your wedding even if you think she is no longer able to participate. She'll let you know if the pub crawl for your bachelorette party is too much.


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