Thursday, May 28, 2009

Post from the Past: The Munchies

Whenever I go to a wedding I go as both a guest and a weddings editor. It’s hard not to look at everything and think how I can turn the details of this particular wedding into a blog post. And that’s where this post came from - the wedding I went to in California in 2007.

Dave and I got there a little early to take some photos with friends, and some how we ended up in the room the bridal party was getting ready/hanging out in. It was a rather large room with couches and tables and chairs, and scattered throughout were bottles of beer and water as well as bags of pretzels and chips.

I don’t know if the bride and groom, the location or the members of the bridal party brought in the drinks and snacks. The point is that it’s a great idea to have both snacks and drinks for your bridal party because they will be waiting around all day, helping you get ready, taking pictures, setting up the favors, etc.

I came across a company that specializes in creating food baskets just for this purpose and wanted to share their information with you. It’ll save you time and energy by just ordering what you want instead of having to add “buy food and snacks” to your wedding checklist.

Marrylicious creates gourmet gift baskets specifically for wedding parties. They have three packages – Tulip, Rose and Orchid – and each comes with a selection of gourmet treats as well as a wedding day emergency kit. You can also create a custom package if you want to have a themed basket or need to fit certain dietary restrictions. Prices start at $100. The company is based in Seattle but ships nationwide.

And brides, remember to drink clear liquids (water, seltzer, vodka) through a straw so you don’t spill anything on your dress or smudge your lipstick before you walk down the aisle.


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