Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Your Reception Room Layout

When planning they layout of the reception space it’s important to think about where everyone will be seated – not their exact seats but where the tables, including the head table will be placed - and where the band/DJ will be set up and the cake displayed. Your location manager will have suggestions based on what they’ve done before.

While you’re thinking of the room’s layout think of the moments and details that will take place during the reception: toasts, special dances, other entertainment, the bar, etc...

We recently attended a wedding where the band was off to the side of the room and the head table was at the back/center of the room so all could see them. When the father of the bride and best man got up to give their speech they were facing the room and the video camera but their backs were to the bride and groom, so whenever they mentioned the couple they had to turn around to acknowledge them. Why the toastmaker didn’t stand on the opposite side of the room facing all of us and the couple I don’t know, but they were saying beautiful things about the bride and groom and didn’t get to see their reaction and the bride and groom didn’t get to see the toasters face while he was speaking.

It’s important to think of the layout in more than just where the tables will be. Don’t be afraid to ask the location manager about other options and ideas you are thinking of and listen to what he/she has to say on why those ideas will or won’t work.


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