Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Eyes! My Eyes!

I think I'm on the computer way too much and the fact that I work on a Web site doesn't help my situation. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job and can't imagine life with out computers, but my eyes are killing me and I think it's the glare from the screen.  And since I like to turn everything into a wedding planing tip, here's one re: glare.

If you're getting married outdoors - whether it's just the ceremony or reception or both - check which way the sun hits the location at the time of your wedding.  And not just when the sun is setting if you're going to be outdoors during the day.

In addition to making sure your photographer knows where the sun will be to ensure that you get great pictures, it's important to arrange the ceremony seating and reception layout in such away so that your guests aren't squinting or holding their hand like a visor over their eyes.

Simply ask the location manager what he or she recommends and if possible (and definitely as a Plan B) have a tent installed to protect everyone and the food from the heat and glare of the sun.  You can leave the tent flaps up if it's a beautiful day, and if it does get a bit windy you can let the flaps down to keep the chill away.

And by the way, the reason my eyes are so bad today is because I found a great first dance video online and I watched it several times and then showed it to a bunch of people at the office.  This couple arranged for KISS to interrupt their first dance in a very creative and funny way.


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